Student Presentations

MTAA Executive Director, Gina Hendrickson and members from the MTAA Board of Directors inform students in both 1st and 2nd year approved Massage Therapy programs about:

  • the many benefits of membership,
  • the requirements for active membership as well as insured student membership,
  • how to apply to become an active member when you graduate, 
  • tips on how to make the transition from student to active easy,
  • membership maintenance to ensure you maintain your good standing at all times,
  • the requirement to complete continuing education once you graduate, 
  • and more!


Upcoming Presentations

There are none currently booked.

To learn more about MTAA membership please call 403-340-1913.

To access the FREE Student Membership application please click here

To view all requirements for MTAA ACTIVE Membership, please click learn more

For more information please contact the MTAA at 403-340-1913 today!