MTAA COVID-19 Pandemic Directive

Dear Members,

The MTAA Board of Directors has issued the MTAA COVID-19 Pandemic Practice Directive, effective immediately upon the return of massage therapy practice in Alberta. This document has been created with assistance from the Alberta Chiropractic College and Association and is based upon the guidance and mandates issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH), Dr. Deena Hinshaw. The MTAA has successfully had our COVID-19 Pandemic Practice Directive approved by Alberta Health, using the same guidelines the Alberta regulated health professions have adhered to.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly changing and new information regarding the virus and healthcare best practices are continuing to evolve, it is your responsibility to stay updated on any changes or requirements issued by the CMOH or the various levels of government. The MTAA will update our practice guidelines when any such changes are deemed necessary and we will alert all members to any changes.

Once the Alberta Government allows the practice of massage therapy to resume in Alberta, you must ensure you are familiar with the MTAA COVID-19 Pandemic Practice Directive, and that you are adhering to all guidelines set out in the document, in both your practice and place of work.

Please keep in mind that the MTAA’s Covid-19 Pandemic Practice Directive is based upon the current scientific evidence with regards to keeping people safe at this time. Some therapists may feel that going above and beyond what is required in this directive will allow them to feel more secure when returning to practice. This is allowed. The role of the MTAA is to ensure all members are following the directives of Alberta Health, and to provide our members with the knowledge and tools to implement the required best practices. The MTAA will not place unneeded restrictions and barriers on you and your practice that have not been mandated by the CMOH or supported as “best practices” by the public health authority.

The MTAA Board of Directors has prepared various supporting documents for you to utilize in your return to practice, which can are downloadable below:

MTAA COVID-19 Pandemic Practice Directive
MTAA COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire
MTAA A Guide to Mask Use Poster
MTAA COVID-19 Screening Poster
MTAA Safe Work Place Poster

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the MTAA COVID-19 Pandemic Practice Directive, please review the FAQ document found in this email and on the MTAA website. Additionally, the MTAA Administrative Team is available to answer any questions by email at

MTAA Board of Directors