Massage Therapist Association of Alberta
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Recognized Massage Therapy Diploma Programs

The MTAA accepts applications from graduates of recognized Massage Therapy Diploma programs in Alberta that are licensed by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education offer two-year / 2,200 hours of education.  Over the past number of years, the only requirement was that the educational institution be licensed by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education.  In 2012, the Inter-Jurisdictional Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile for Massage Therapists was established by the profession across the country and has been adopted in every jurisdiction in relation to educational standards for Massage Therapy. This profile has since been updated in 2016 - click here to download the most recent version.  Completion of training that meets the competencies outlined in the Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile ensures the public and other healthcare professionals of the practice standards of a graduate Massage Therapist.

In 2013, the MTAA revised and launched its Massage School / Program Approval process, which provides an opportunity for an institution offering Massage Therapy Education in Alberta to have their program reviewed against the current Entry-to-Practice competencies.  This program is completely voluntary, however upon completion of the review, students can have a level of comfort in knowing that the curriculum has been designed and presented to meet or exceed the Competencies outlined within the Inter-jurisdictional Entry to Practice Competency Profile for Massage Therapists, that there is clear indication as to where the competencies are taught within the program, how they are taught and how student proficiency is measured in relation to each of the competencies.

The MTAA supports not only a minimum two-year curriculum of instruction as a standard for the profession of Massage Therapy in Alberta, but a curriculum that is aligned to the Inter-jurisdictional Entry to Practice Competency Profile for Massage Therapists of the profession along with a number of other measures that the MTAA feels are important to students enrolled in these programs.