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Currently we will be opening hours for Wednesdays. Additionally, other shifts may be offered while other therapists are away. (We will be opening quite a few spaces in November and December. Most likely Tuesday and Thursday)

The successful candidate will be a team player, customer service oriented, graduate of Massage Therapy program (minimum 2200hr) and registered with an Alberta association. Being active and sport oriented will be a strong asset in our environment.

Movement Sports Clinic offers an on-line booking platform as well as reception staff to manage appointments and payment. Hydraulic massage table is provided.

Promotion and support of healthy and active lifestyles is the key purpose of Movement Sports Clinic. Our organization partners with clients of all ages to help them move well and achieve functional and performance goals. We promote an active rehabilitation approach and assist patients in recovering after an injury or managing a disease process. Best available evidence and expert clinical experience are used to inform treatment strategies. Emerging techniques and knowledge are incorporated to provide leading edge care. Movement Sports Clinic offers education to and empowerment of our patients to improve their quality of life and keep them active.

We offer a positive, respectful environment where patients, clinicians, and staff work together as a team. The success of our proactive and evidence-based approach to rehabilitation is measured by the achievement of client centered functional goals. Injury prevention is a focus for both performance sport and general physical activity. Movement Sports Clinic supports all members of the healthcare team in their growth, personally and professionally.

* Compensation is based on a percentage from your treatments, not an hourly wage. Supplemental pay via tips*

You may apply via email at
Please include:
How many years of massage therapy experience do you have?
2-3 dates/time ranges that you could do an interview?
Do you have a valid Massage Therapist 2200 hrs education?

Movement Sports Clinic
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