We are pleased to announce that the MTAA is launching a new Referral Program! This program allows existing MTAA members (Referring Member) to refer a practicing massage therapist (New Applicant) to join the MTAA. The exciting thing about the MTAA Referral Program is that it offers great benefits to both the Referring Member and the New Applicant. 

Benefits of the Referral Program 

Benefits for the Referring Member 
The Referring member will receive a $50 credit that can be used towards their next membership renewal.

Benefits for the New Applicant
The Applicant will receive $50 off of their MTAA membership activation.

Benefits for both the New Applicant and Referring Member will be awarded upon activation of the New Applicant. 

The Requirements for the Referral Program 


The Referring Member 

  • Must be either an Active or Inactive Member in Good Standing with the MTAA.
  • Must submit the Referral Program Form directly to the MTAA office.
  • Will receive the $50 credit per referral once the New Applicant has been activated. 

The New Applicant

  • Must be an Active and practicing massage therapist who is registered with an association in Alberta or belongs to an association/regulatory college outside of Alberta. 
  • Must have graduated from an approved massage therapy program​.
    To view the programs that have been approved please CLICK HERE
  • Applicants transferring from outside of Alberta must have graduated from a program that is recognized by their current association or regulatory college.
  • Must meet all MTAA Active Membership Requirements and submit a completed Active Membership application with all required documents.
    ​To view all MTAA Active Membership Requirements please CLICK HERE
  • The New Applicant will receive a $50 discount upon activation. 

It is important to note that MTAA Student Members who will receive the Student to Active discount cannot participate in the MTAA Referral Program. The MTAA will not combine any other discount offered. 

The deadline to participate in the MTAA Referral Program is January 13, 2023. Click here to download the
MTAA Referral Program Form

Completed Referral Forms can be submitted by email to membership@mtaalberta.com