Currently, the MTAA accepts applications from graduates who have attended educational institutions that are licensed in the province of Alberta and that are approved by the MTAA Board of Directors. The MTAA also recognizes those schools that are recognized/accredited by the regulatory bodies in British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland/Labrador and New Brunswick. We support a minimum education of 2,200 hours of education or approximately two years of academic and practical/clinical education based on an approved curriculum.

A new school approval program has been launched by the MTAA to evaluate the numerous Massage Therapy programs in the province. This is to ensure that we accept only graduates from schools that meet the necessary requirements and to ensure a strong foundation for students learning. More information about the new program is available in the section below.


MTAA New School Approval Program 

The Massage Therapist Association of Alberta is pleased to announce the launch of its new School Approval Program in 2020. Due to COVID-19 and the impacts on the profession, we delayed the launch of this program until mid-2021. This process began with existing schools that are able to confirm licensing with Private Career Colleges (PCC) - Alberta Advanced Education prior to August 20, 2019.  Once the process of review is completed in 2022 of these schools, we invite all other program providers offering a minimum 2200 hour program licensed with PCC to participate in this voluntary program in the spring of 2022.

The MTAA School Approval Program has been designed to confirm that institutions are ensuring students have been trained to the Interjurisdictional Standards created by FOMTRAC, in a safe and ethical education environment.  As such, this will support Massage Therapy in the province of Alberta, and all future members of the MTAA in achieving successful careers as Massage Therapists in the province.

The MTAA School Approval Program consists of two stages. The first is an administrative application, involving the submission of key documents to be reviewed by the School Approval Committee.  The second stage consists of an on-site visit by representatives of the MTAA.  If the evaluation proves the educational program does not meet the standards, the institution will be granted the opportunity to elevate its program, implement any necessary adjustments, and request an additional site visit. All approved and conditionally approved schools will be listed on our website as each stage is achieved.

All Massage Therapy programs which were licensed with the government of Alberta before August 21, 2019, are provisionally accepted at this time and students will continue to be accepted into the MTAA until the deadline for process completion has passed.  Provisional acceptance of these programs and their graduates will expire on December 31, 2022, providing ample time for institutions to complete the approval process.  Once the institution has successfully achieved a passing evaluation, graduates from the program will continue to be provided with the opportunity to gain membership with the MTAA. 

The MTAA is dedicated to working with all schools to ensure that the Massage Therapy students of Alberta are meeting the national standards for massage therapy education. To learn more about the process, please contact the MTAA office.



Private Institutions

Vicars School of Massage Therapy

CDI College - Conditionally Approved

South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy 

Alberta College of Massage Therapy (ACMT) - Conditionally Approved


Public Institutions 

Lethbridge College 

MacEwan University  

Mount Royal University 

If you wish to learn more about how to apply for MTAA approval of your institution, please contact us by emailing today!