The MTAA Professional Development (PD) Program maintains the highest standards in the province and requires that all courses be evaluated and approved by the MTAA Competence Committee before education credits can be awarded.

As of January 1, 2022, the MTAA has revised the requirements to have a course evaluated to obtain MTAA approval. It is important that all course instructors/facilitators review the downloadable package below to ensure that your submission meets the updated requirements. 

The following guide outlines the required information for courses to be evaluated by the MTAA Competence Committee. Please be advised that there is a $50 plus GST fee to submit a course for evaluation. Approved courses will expire after 3 years and require renewal. Once submission per course is required. After the 3-year approval period has expired, course instructors and facilitators can apply for one 3-year renewal so long as all renewal requirements have been met. After a course renewal has expired, the MTAA requires that the full course be re-evaluated by the Competence Committee for each course.

The MTAA will only accept complete submissions for each course to be reviewed by the Competence Committee. Refunds are not provided for any course that may be turned down.

Click to download the current MTAA Course Evaluation Request Package 
This document is a fillable PDF 

If you have any questions after reviewing the downloadable package, please email