Frequently Asked Questions

‚ÄčTelehealth/Online Treatment:

Please click on the link to access the MTAA Position Statement: Telehealth/Online Treatment

Membership Renewals:

Please refer to the information about renewals for members by clicking the following link: Member Renewals during COVID-19

Standard First Aid and CPR-C Update

We understand that due to the spread of COVID-19 many courses for Standard First Aid and CPR-C (SFA&CPR-C) certification and re-certification have been cancelled. If your certification has expired or is due to expire over the next 2 months, please email the MTAA at ensuring you include: SFA &CPR-C Request in the subject heading. We will work with you to ensure you have a reasonable amount of time to complete your certification once we have more details related to COVID-19 and the concerns that surround it. You may get an email or text notification about your SFA & CPR-C expiration. Please know that these are auto-generated communications that are issued by our database and are not something that we can alter for individual members. Please know that if you have communicated with the MTAA via email regarding this issue then you can disregard the auto-generated message you receive.


Criminal Record Checks with Vulnerable Sector (CRC)

We understand that many detachments may be closing their front counter services making it difficult to obtain the CRC that you require for membership. We ask that you please email the MTAA with CRC issues in the subject heading to If you receive any autogenerated messages after communicating with the MTAA, please disregard these as we cannot stop these through our database for the individual member.

Please be advised that any members that require a CRC from Calgary City Police can do so through their online service and request that a copy be issued to the MTAA.

If MTAA Members Continue to Practice

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MTAA feels it is necessary to ensure that our members are adhering to and implementing the safest practices in regard to infectious control measures.

It is important that any members choosing to continue treatments at this time take extreme caution to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.  The MTAA requests that all members vigorously adhere to Standard 3 – Wash Your Hands and Any Skin Surface that Will/Has Come in Contact with the Client, Standard 5 – Risk Identification and Management for an Outbreak of Infectious Diseases and Standard 15 – Use of Personal Protective Equipment During a Treatment.

It is necessary for any massage therapist continuing to treat clients to implement the following practices to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19:

Self-isolate for 14 days if you have recently travelled outside of Canada

Additional resources for information regarding the COVID-19 and best practices in a health care setting can be found here:

EI and Business Interruption Details

If my clinic owner decides to close the clinic am I entitled to any financial support?
If you are an employee, you will be entitled to regular EI benefits. Your employer will need to file a ROE (Record of Employment) and provide you with a written notice of temporary layoff. There will be the standard one-week waiting period before EI benefits will become active.

If my clinic is staying open, but I don't feel comfortable treating patients, am I entitled to any financial support?
If your employer is willing to give you a temporary layoff notice, and file an ROE, you will be eligible for standard EI benefits.

If I am an independent contractor am I eligible for any EI financial support if I cannot work due to clinic closure?
It is unlikely that you would qualify for any EI benefits due to choosing not to treat, or your clinic is closed. Even if you paid into EI, for self-employed, that is primarily meant to maternity leave or illness, not loss of work.

If you are self-quarantined due to illness or to care for a loved one, and you have paid into EI benefits over the past year, you likely will qualify for EI benefits. 

It is best to contact Employment Insurance Canada to determine if you are eligible for any assistance.

Toll-Free: 1-800-206-7218

Is there any other support for an Independent Contractor?
As an independent contractor, you are a small business. BDC ( Business Development Bank of Canada) has been given the ability to dispense small business loans with differed payments on the principle. Currently, this is likely the best access to additional funds to support you at this time.

Alberta Works offers support for financial emergencies for people who qualify. 

Visit: for details on who can qualify and how to apply.

Do I have business interruption coverage with my liability insurance I received with my MTAA membership?
Business Interruption Insurance is not a part of your standard MTAA liability policy. Any coverage of this type would need to be purchased outside of the Professional and General Commercial Policy issued with MTAA Membership.

Does my business interruption insurance coverage kick in if I close due to COVID-19?
Unlikely. Most insurance plans for business interruption only activate if there is physical damage to an insurable asset ex. fire or flood damage. Without damage to your physical place of business, it is unlikely your insurance policy will offer any relief. We would advise you to speak to your individual insurance agent regarding the specifics of your policy as all policies are different.


Click the following link to review the most recent updates issued to all members about COVID-19: