Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

‚ÄčTelehealth/Online Treatment:

Please click on the link to access the MTAA Position Statement: Telehealth/Online Treatment

Membership Renewals:

Please refer to the information about renewals for members by clicking the following link: Member Renewals during COVID-19

Standard First Aid and CPR-C Update

We understand that due to the spread of COVID-19 many courses for Standard First Aid and CPR-C (SFA&CPR-C) certification and re-certification have been cancelled. If your certification has expired or is due to expire over the next 2 months, please email the MTAA at ensuring you include: SFA &CPR-C Request in the subject heading. We will work with you to ensure you have a reasonable amount of time to complete your certification once we have more details related to COVID-19 and the concerns that surround it. You may get an email or text notification about your SFA & CPR-C expiration. Please know that these are auto-generated communications that are issued by our database and are not something that we can alter for individual members. Please know that if you have communicated with the MTAA via email regarding this issue then you can disregard the auto-generated message you receive.


Criminal Record Checks with Vulnerable Sector (CRC)

We understand that many detachments may be closing their front counter services making it difficult to obtain the CRC that you require for membership. We ask that you please email the MTAA with CRC issues in the subject heading to If you receive any autogenerated messages after communicating with the MTAA, please disregard these as we cannot stop these through our database for the individual member.

Please be advised that any members that require a CRC from Calgary City Police can do so through their online service and request that a copy be issued to the MTAA.