The MTAA Staff is doing their very best to answer your questions promptly, however, we see a large increase in our number of phone calls received when an update is issued. For this reason, if you call the MTAA office you may find that you receive a voice mail message. Please know that along with responding to your email inquiries we are checking our messages regularly to ensure we can answer your questions.

Before calling the MTAA office there are a few ways to check for the latest information. These are:

1) Facebook: 
 We suggest that you follow the MTAA on Facebook to review any latest information issued to members.

2) MTAA Website
Before contacting the MTAA office all members are advised to first check the MTAA website for updates by selecting the COVID-19 Updates tab.

3) Emails to Members:

We are emailing our members any updates issued, however, some members with emails related to Telus have not been receiving their messages. These technical issues are from Telus and are not an MTAA issue so we encourage these members to follow our Facebook Page or check our website to receive the latest information.