Position Statements

A position statement provides the collective opinion of the MTAA Board of Directors relating to practice issues, which may not be covered by a Standard of Practice or bylaw. Position statements (listed below) are often developed in response to members’ questions and provide a framework within which practice decisions can be made. Members whose practice is not consistent with the position outlined by the MTAA may be required to justify their conduct or actions.

Notice to Profession - Cannabis Legislation

The Use and Sale of Cannabis Derived Products Including CBD (Cannabidiol) Products by Massage Therapists

Techniques and Modalities Considered Outside Scope of Practice (rev 2019)

Techniques and Modalities Considered Within Scope (rev 2019)

Techniques and Modalities Considered Adjunct to Massage Therapy (rev 2019)

Treatment of Sensitive Areas

Informed Consent Impaired Adults and Minors

Conducting Clinical Practice

Conducting Public Education Classes

Conflict of Interest

Dual Membership

HIV Positive Therapists-Patients

Trading/Bartering Massage Therapy Treatments