Massage Therapist Association of Alberta
There IS a Difference

Membership Applications

Becoming a member of the MTAA has never been easier!  Our association IS accessible to everyone within the profession in Alberta...

A practitioner can become a member of the MTAA as:

1.  Active Member

Active Membership dues include Professional & General Liability Insurance (Click HERE for a full outline) as well as Identity Theft Protection.  All Active members also have access to exclusive member discount programs such as:  reduced office insurance packages, the MTAA group Health and Dental Benefit program, the group Home and Auto Insurance program, the MTAA credit and debit card processing program, and other membership benefit programs.  

2.   Establishing Substantial Equivalency - if a practitioner has less than the minimum specified education required, however is able to show that their overall acquired education and experience are sufficient and equivalent to the membership eligibility requirements set out by the MTAA, they may apply for membership by way of Substantial Equivalency: