Why Join the MTAA?

The MTAA represents Massage Therapists exclusively and as a result, the MTAA focuses on the issues and concerns facing the Massage Therapy profession in the province. We invite you to become a member of the association with the highest standards of practice in Alberta.  

We offer bundled membership meaning that you not only get your registration number for insurance billing with the cost of Active membership, but you also receive professional (malpractice), commercial general AND adjunct insurance (Some restrictions apply. See below for more details).

Fast membership activation means getting you practicing sooner! 

The MTAA has a 2-business day guarantee for membership activation with a completed application. To learn more about the MTAA Active membership requirements, please click learn more now!

To start your online application, please click APPLY NOW!

MTAA members receive the following member benefits:

  • Universally recognized by insurance companies as Massage Therapy providers in Alberta.
  • Liability insurance coverage that is unbeatable - both Professional Liability Insurance (Malpractice Insurance) and General Commercial Liability Insurance included in membership dues.
  • Adjucnt coverage is included with the cost of Active membership - some restrictions apply. Click to download the MTAA Adjunct Position Statement to learn more!
  • FREE webinars for members that you can use towards your continuing education requirements!
  • Health and dental benefit plans are available through MTAA Affinity Partnerships for members to purchase.
  • Public "Find a Therapist" Directory.
  • Inclusion in Canada's only Provider Directory to the health benefits insurance company sector.
  • Exclusive discounts on professional development courses through MTAA Supported Education Program as well as online with www.e-healthcanada.com.
  • Exclusive discounts with MTAA Affinity Partners for programs like credit and debit card processing, an integrated website/online booking program, professional supplies as well as home and auto insurance.
  • Access to classified advertisements/job postings.
  • Access to FREE legal advice through Trisura Insurance.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Acceptance of your receipts for Massage Therapy treatments as part of your health benefits program
  • Assurance that your therapist is required to remain current in practice through required Professional Development
  • Comfort that your therapist is bound by Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics requirements
  • Knowledge that there is an agency of accountability over your therapist should you ever have any questions about the minimum requirements or Standards of Practice.
  • Accessibility to therapists, by name or region, in the “Find A Therapist” section of the MTAA website
  • Peace of mind that our members are held accountable for their actions in providing quality care.