Benefits of MTAA Membership
The MTAA represents Massage Therapists exclusively and as a result, the MTAA focuses on the issues and concerns facing the Massage Therapy profession in the province of Alberta.

Why Join the MTAA?

  • Universally recognized by insurance companies as Massage Therapy providers in Alberta.
  • Liability insurance coverage that is unbeatable - both Professional Liability Insurance (Malpractice Insurance) and General Commercial Liability Insurance included in membership dues.
  • Adjucnt coverage included with the cost of Active membership - some restrictions apply. Contact the MTAA for more information
  • Health and dental benefit plans are available through MTAA Affinity Partnerships for members to purchase.
  • Public "Find a Therapist" Directory.
  • Inclusion in Canada's only Provider Directory to the health benefits insurance company sector.
  • Exclusive discounts on professional development courses.
  • Exclusive discounts for programs like credit and debit card processing, an integrated website/online booking program, professional supplies as well as home and auto insurance.
  • Access to classified advertisements/job postings.
  • Access to free legal advice through Trisura Insurance

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Benefits to Clients:

  • Acceptance of your receipts for Massage Therapy treatments as part of your health benefits program
  • Assurance that your therapist is required to remain current in practice through required Professional Development
  • Comfort that your therapist is bound by Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics requirements
  • Knowledge that your there is an agency of accountability over your therapist should you ever have any questions about the minimum requirements or Standards of Practice.
  • Accessibility to therapists, by name or region, in the “Find A Therapist” section of the MTAA website
  • Peace of mind that our members are held accountable for their actions in providing quality care